What is this blog about?

“If you want to make the God laugh, tell him about your plans”    (an old joke/proverb)

So, what is this blog about?

First, let’s start with an introduction – I am “the Mum”. And yes, I do have other roles. I am also “the Wife”, I have a temporary abandoned career in academia and clinical research, and multiple hobbies (which I suspect could mean an inability to properly focus on one thing, possibly something slightly related to ADHD, but I try not to dwell on this thought too much). However, at present “the Mum” appears to be the most defining characteristics of me, also accompanied by a number of related titles, such as “the housewife”, “the cook” and “the house cleaner”. In all fairness, last two I do share with my lovely supportive husband.

Approximately a lifetime ago, or 12 months to be exact, our older daughter was 4 and a bit, and we were trying for the number Two member of our family. Three weeks later I started feeling sick. REALLY sick (very much unlike my first pregnancy). I joked that perhaps I was pregnant with twins this time? Then I looked at my husband’s terrified face and realised that the joke wasn’t really that funny. I assured him –  there’s no chance of us having twins. We didn’t do IVF, no family history of multiples either. Not a chance.

A week later was our first scan, and there we were, looking at the two little heartbeats that a sonographer was showing us on the screen. Identical twins. Two for the price of one.

Anyway, after the first few months of the initial shock, and another few months of an extremely tiring pregnancy – here we are, a family of five, three girls and two adults, plus a very naughty Jack Russel terrier for extra fun.

And finally I am getting to answer the question. This blog will be about our experience of having twins (in addition to an older child in our case), raising twins, surviving the first months. About tricks I’ve learned, things that seem particularly amazing for me, about pregnancy (although only as a retrospective memory now, since I didn’t get to start the blog until now), and anything else relevant (or not so relevant) that I decide to write about. By the way, blogging isn’t actually on the list of my multiple hobbies and English isn’t my first language. So it is questionable whether or not the final product will be suitable for a wide audience, but we’ll see. If our experience ends up of value for others and I end up having thousands of followers – well, that’s a bonus. If not – at least this is a nice break for me from changing nappies. Also nothing wrong with having a piece of memory to keep for later, something to look back at once all those precious days of babyhood, chubby legs and first smiles are long gone and forgotten.

So, if you are still reading this – Welcome.










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