A bit of relax time tonight…

It was a stressful day. Already third one in a row actually.

My older daughter is home during the school holidays, and I want to spend quality time with her – except that our 5 month olds (the twinnies) are being hard, refuse to sleep properly, and are very needy and fussy.

By the end of the day I needed a treat. However, since the last revision of our food budget most of the treat and junk food remains in the “cannot afford” category, and our pantry and fridge are filled with ingredients rather than with foods… I had no choice but to quickly look up a chocolate cake recipe. And event though I didn’t agree with the “best cake ever” comment in the recipe it did turn out pretty good! The part I loved about it – it was SO EASY to make! It took me literally 5 minutes to mix all ingredients together, so I thought I’d share the recipe here – thank you to Annabel Langbein, the recipe author:

Except that I reduced sugar by two times from the recommended amount (which is my standard practice for baking), and it’s still turned out really sweet.

Mmmm…. It does go nicely with a little drop of red wine my husband brought from work for tasting.

Cheers to you, all the hard-working twins’ and multiples’ parents, who deserve a decadent treat every so often!


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