One butter-glazed woman for dessert

On Saturday we were going to have a nice family dinner to celebrate the arrival of my brother’s new son. My parents were coming over for dinner, we were going to reach my brother on skype, I was making some gourmet burgers and a chocolate cake for dessert, everything was meant to be super nice.

By the way, normally I consider myself a good cook. I enjoy it, I’m creative, and the kind of person who can whip up a delicious healthy meal out of nothing. But every so often I have those days when it is safer to keep me as far from the kitchen as possible. I’m still famous for an incident with “tvorog” (Russian cottage cheese), which exploded during cooking and covered the whole kitchen with sour milk curds. Turns out today was one of those days too.

My husband was out, I couldn’t settle the tired twins for a long-overdue sleep, and stress started to escalate. I realized that I forgot to buy eggs for the cake, luckily I managed to borrow some. Then I burned some meat patties. Then my 5 year old stepped in a dog poo. A bit on edge, I pulled the bowl with melted butter out of the microwave a bit too roughly – and a melted butter went all over my… well, breasts, and all the way down to the belly button. As well as the kitchen floor, benches, cupboard doors…

You’d think I gave up – unfortunately not. A bottle of bubbly was cooling in the fridge and I was determined to have a good night. I managed to wash myself and clean up, only to cover the bench with chocolate icing the very next moment. Wow.

And would you believe this: after all my efforts my family actually turned up with a huge cheesecake…

We had a great night anyway of course. And you know what, when I saw that liquid butter poring down on me I was pretty sure I’d end up with severe burns. Lucky for me it has already cooled down enough :)))





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