Reinventing the… mailbox

Parents will probably know – it is school holidays time now.

Since I’m temporary at home now with our twin babies I surely should be excited about spending quality time with my five year old as well. Well, I am excited. Since we cannot really afford a school holiday program this year what choice do I have. Only why do I feel so on edge by the end of every day…

No, really, I have been trying my best to entertain my lovely big girl. However, 5 year olds, as you may know, can need a lot of entertainment! Even though I try to make sure I have at least one activity or outing planned a day (playdates, guests, swimming pool trips, etc), it just does not seem to be enough. I am trying to stretch myself between the twinnies, her, some basic jobs around the house – and yes, giving myself a bit of rest too.

One of the “home time” activities I’ve been trying to encourage is reading. She is a great little reader now, thanks to our lovely preschool. But unfortunately she hasn’t really developed love for the process yet, so this is what I’m working on. Often it turns into almost a fight though. She cannot really be bothered to do this, so I end up forsing her, and then it’s not exactly a nice mother-and-daughter time anymore. And then I had this idea.

She has this thing now, she really loves getting mail. She has to go and check our mailbox every morning, that’s just a ritual now, and then again every time we go for a walk. She gets a bit upset when there’s no mail , so I suggested we make one at home just for her, and keep writing letters to each other. She was excited – and now we’ve got so many more opportunities to practice reading, and so far she is still excited about it. I hope we will be able to swap to books later.

Well done me, pat on the back… Those little things that make us parents feel better.


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