Back in action

Hello Blog. Hello readers.

It’s really been a while. Guess what I have been doing?

Yeap, you are right – night feeds, days feeds, nappy changes and all the usual twin-care. and for some reason the last few months have been even more hectic than usual.

Funny, I remember the first few weeks with the girls in the maternity unit. One of the midwifes told us that in a couple of months things will get a bit better, by Christmas they will be even easier, and by the time the girls turn one we will have a totally different life. Well, we have 1 month to go until the 1-year milestone, and is it really easier? I’m not so sure…  We still cannot get them to sleep through the night and have to get up for at least one feed. Day time is also just as much work. The type of work has changes, sure, and is definitely much more engaging and rewarding – but it’s still work, and in a way there’s even less rest now that they are down to 1 nap throw the day.

Here is another thing. First few months are a shock, but you are mentally prepared for the hard work. But eventually that initial drive wears off, and as keen as you still are on being the best parent you can the tiredness gets more and more overwhelming. And also you do expect things to get easy eventually, and when they keep not not doing that – it’s hard.

In addition, it’s winter time. The girls have been sick quite a bit lately – must be getting the bugs from school when we do pick ups/drop offs for their Big Sister. Every week we keep re-living the situation when we think it was an exceptionally hard day or week, but tomorrow (or the next day, or next week) it must get better. Only that it does not. And I don’t know how much energy I have left in me… It feels like none.

Anyway, enough of the complaints. That was just to tell you why you haven’t seen me here much lately. But I am back. I need some time out and some “adult time”, some chat with other people. I was also excited to find out that my blog was accepted to the Kiwi Mummy Blogs, so I am really hoping to connect with other mums.

So, if there are other mums of more-than-one reading this too-gloomy post (sorry about that by the way, I will try to keep it more positive from now on), please tell me… When does it really get easier? How did you get through the sleep deprivation of the first year? How did you get through all stuck-at-home-because-it-takes-fours-hours-to-get-ready-to-go-out (and then another couple of hours to unpack the car and everyone once you are back home) time?

Look forward to some inspiration…



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